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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Oxjam Takeover Manchester 2012 Lost & Found

This Weekend Oxjam Boutique will be running alongside a great music line-up at Antwerp Mansion as part of the Takeover 27th October.
Featuring an eclectic mix of original hand-made , re-worked and vintage clothing, unique jewelry and accessories, scrumptious cup-cakes and kitschy craft items. High street – eat your heart out!  
Here’s just a taste of who will be showcasing their wares on the day :_______________________________________________________
Mustard Tree aims to improve and rebuild the lives of homeless and marginalised people in Manchester through the provision of furniture, clothes, emergency food, training, mentoring, friendship and social enterprise.
Second hand vinyl records and books donated from people around Manchester,will be on sale at their stall at Oxjam, cheap as chips!
Oxfam Originals need no introduction
If you’re into retro, this terrific stall has high-quality gear from the 1960s and ’70s. Shop in the knowledge that it’s for a good cause.
Chezzie Le Choux
A wide range of cup cakes from the crazy peanut butter and jelly to the good old British Jammie Dodger
Dirty Work 
Graffiti art specialists; art supplies, t-shirts, caps and much more!
Unique and imaginative clothing, art and accessories that transcend the everyday expectations and scream of individuality. 
Saddleworth Vintage and Handmade 
Lost and found pop-up shop, vintage style accessories, clothing for the party season. For that unique Christmas gift made from found objects by Samantha Mills. On The Lost & Found stand you may have a Brief Encounter with Laura Norey from Memory Lane calendar, the vintage model & dancer will be signing selling the Calenders through this event.  
Memory Lane is a vintage pin-up calendar project, helping to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. 
Elly Page 
Unique garments handmade using vintage lace and other gorgeous fabrics
TOMS Live Art Installation
TOMS give a pair of new shoes to a child in need for every pair of TOMS purchased
0% Dinosaur
A range of laser-cut acrylic necklaces – perfect festival accessories 
Helena Dennison 
Handmade crafts – Colourful hanging birds, Owl hats, Crochet blankets and more
Not Now 
An award winning, Manchester based creative studio with recent exhibitions in Font Bar and Cord. They produce effective client-based work balanced alongside self-set experimental projects and will be selling off some of their work at Oxjam.
Peggie Mae Vintage by Sarah Crawford
Lovely vintage for ladies and fellas from the 50’s-90’s
Kitty’s Vintage Closet by Kate Frain
Step back into time and and into a fabulous frock from Kitty’s Vintage Closet. From the 1950s to 1980s, whatever the occasion and wherever you’re going we’ve got something to make your wardrobe pop!
Crafty Ginge Designs by Kelly Joseph
Hand-made cards, cushions, brooches and more with an ongoing aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
The Boutique Market will run from 2pm to 8pm in the ballroom upstairs at Antwerp Mansion
Entry is £5 for a wristband which ALSO gains you access to the live music at…
// Trof Fallowfield
// FUEL Cafe Withington
// Red Rum Fallowfield
// Antwerp Mansion 
Therefore, if you have already bought one for the music you DON’T need to purchase a second one for the market, and vice versa! 
Wrist bands are available at the door on the day or online here; with all proceeds going to Oxfam

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ethical Metalsmith needs you!

September 19, 2012
We need your help.

The Alliance for Responsible Mining and Fairtrade International have put forth proposed standards that call for selling Fairtrade and Fairmined gold that is mixed with gold coming from other “responsible” sources.  You can review the proposal on pages 86 to 89 via this link.  

In sum, the document calls for gold that is Fairtrade and Fairmined to be “mass balanced” or in the words of the consultation paper ‘diluted’ with other gold from “responsible” sources. The gold in jewelry products would be only 85% traceable to a Fairtrade mine. The proposal also creates two new product categories. “Made with Fairtrade and Fairmined gold” would be 50% from certified mines, and “contains Fairtrade and Fairmined gold,” which would be at least 10% certified fine gold content. 

At Fair Jewelry Action and Ethical Metalsmiths, we see Fairtrade gold, the most precious gold in the world, as a transformational product.  The power of this gold lies in its story, and its purity.   

If you agree with our views, sign the letter below and email it to us by September, 26 at action@ethicalmetalsmiths.org The official ARM/FLO comment period ends on Oct. 7, 2012 and we will compile your signatures and forward the letter by the deadline.

Thank you for your help.

Christina Miller, Ethical Metalsmiths
Marc Choyt, Fair Jewelry Action, USA
Greg Valerio, Fair Jewellery Action, UK
PS: If you are interested, read Marc’s editorial response to the response to our first letters from ARM and the Responsible Jewellery Council.

An Open Letter to The Alliance For Responsible Mining and Fairtrade International
Dear Alliance For Responsible Mining and Fairtrade International,

As jewelers and other members of civil society, we strongly oppose one aspect of the current proposed standards, which changes the product composition component to allow mass balancing or dilution to take place. These proposed changes to the standard are described in Section 6, put forth July 2012, in the Fairtrade and Fairmined Standard for Artisanal and Small Scale Mining Document.

The proposed standard to mix Fairtrade and Fairmined gold with other gold will severely damage the FT&FM gold brand and create confusion in the marketplace.  It will also undermine the confidence in the product.   We are also concerned with how the mass balancing might negatively impact the FT&FM brand as it develops not only with gold, but with other mined products emerging into the market.  As jewelers, who deal with customers every day of the week, we understand the market better than anyone else.  At this juncture, we urge in the strongest possible terms that Fairtrade gold be kept pure.

We urge ARM and FLO to direct more efforts toward supporting jewelers and strengthening a consumer campaign to build on the great success in the existing market.  The certified FT&FM Sotrami miners in Peru received £75,000 ($120,00 USD) of premium from gold purchases by jewelers in 2011 alone.  Our greatest continued success will only be achieved if we all work united, in a concerted effort to support FT&FM small scale miners to bring pure, traceable Fairtrade and Fairmined gold to a vibrant market. 


Country of Origin

NOTE: Ethical Metalsmiths and Fair Jewelry Action are working together to bring certified Fairtrade and Fairmined gold to the US.

Appeal for lost earrings

Monday, 30 July 2012

Mini Makers Faire MOSI

For the first time ever, Mini Maker Faire comes to Manchester at the Heritage venue at MOSI on the 28th & 29th July 2012.
Makers Faire is a celebration of the things people create themselves, from electronics gizmos to homemade clothes and inventions built in the garden shed. It is a place where technology meets art, science meets fashion.  Engineering meets crafting.  With activities for all ages and abilities, where people show what they are are learning and making.
Saddleworth Vintage will have a stand posing the question what is vintage?  looking at vintage gadgets and favourites within the make do and mend lifestyle. Women were the driving force of the consumer revolution in the 1930′s.  They at last had a vote, on equal terms with men and would even be the main earner in alot of house holds, this was a time of empowerment from domestic service into the office role!  The appetite to spend earnings was inhanced by a influx of new womens magazines and sections of newspapers which instilled that the decor was changeable and so was your fashion. The women wanted to be seen and heard.
Play time
Thread of Society
Thread of Society was created by my love for the readymade and the creative act, looking into mixing textile and metal techniques. Using spools and playing around with using them as a component within jewellery.
I use various old tools and gadgets within my metal work, and also references iconic objects and textile methods within my jewellery.  The recreation of these iconic pieces, pays homage to the inventor or the memory that the piece gives to the wearer, such as “Thread of Society” or spool jewellery. How this little part of a machine plays such an importantant part in textile history.  So many can relate to this object and recognise its place in history.  I still have a wealth of tradional tools, handed down from my Grandma & Grandad.  I use gadgets such as the spool to create jewellery fit for any maker who can relate to that object.  Within my game playing the Jack and ball create childhood memories for so many, and also creates a balanced decorative piece of jewellery.  I love to re-purpose things and gadgets, so that people can view them, as the iconic objects that they are.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Diamond Concept

Looking at the Diamond part of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, I started to research where people or companies source a Diamond, and what information is given on the history of that Diamond. My first port of call was Ethical Metalsmiths to start gathering their thought's on sourcing a diamond.

"Ethical Metalsmiths recommends that jewellers interested in using diamonds in their jewellery carefully consider the sourcing of these stones. There are a variety of diamond sourcing options available from conventional to lab grown and every jeweler needs to decide which sourcing option suits their needs best." Christine Miller 

1. Conventionally sourced diamonds: these are newly mined and have no traceability structure in place. In the U.S. "Diamond Certificates" have nothing to do with traceability, but are designed as a "blueprint" to describe the stone (size, carat, cut, color and clarity). As a generally policy, not know the provenance of a diamond not good practice. 

2. Kimberley Process certified: The Kimberly process was established with the intention to prevent conflict minerals from entering the supply chain, but Kimberley certification has recently come under scrutiny and is no longer a trusted certification. 
http://www.globalwitness.org/campaigns/conflict/conflict-diamonds/kimberley-process (Global Witness is located in London and Washington, D.C.)

3. Forevermark Diamonds: These diamonds are part of an elite line of DeBeers diamonds and have only been recently introduced to the market. "Beautiful, Rare, Responsibly Sourced, Inscribed"  http://www.forevermarkdiamond.com/us/discover/forevermark-promise http://www.forevermarkdiamond.com/us/discover/responsible-sourcing
- Certified by: http://www.mining.sgs.com/en

4. Vintage, Used, "Post-consumer" Diamonds: In many ways sourcing diamonds that have already had a life with someone offer a great alternative to buying conventionally sourced diamonds, of which is my prefered method of reuse, revamp, recycle. At this time however no studies have been done to determine whether or not using recycled diamonds is affecting the demand for newly mined diamonds. Another thing to consider is that in some parts of the world diamond mining provides a critical source of income for poor communities, of which is their only source of income. Jewelers can use stones that clients provide, especially if the original certificate for the stone was kept (to assure that it really is a diamond). The Jeweller or dealer can also assist by offering buying services to clients for vintage or post-consumer rings available that include diamonds (again with proper paperwork) and then re-sell these pieces of jewelry. Some suppliers are beginning to offer loose "post-consumer" diamonds for purchase to be incorporated into new designs. In the US, Hoover and Strong has started offering this service: http://www.hooverandstrong.com/category/Hoover+&+Strong%27s+Loose+Diamond+Program/
Ethical Metalsmiths has not investigated Hoover and Strong's "HARMONY Diamonds" and is therefore unable to comment on their product or process.

5. Synthetic Diamonds: These are diamonds that are manufactured in a laboratory from carbon and other minerals and is being described by companies such as "Diamond Nexus" (http://www.diamondnexus.com/)  as "a diamond simulant is a revolutionary coated crystal that near to perfectly recreates the optical and physical properties of an earth-mined diamond." 
Synthetic diamonds to provide ultimate traceability. While this process essentially creates a diamond without mining it does require energy use in the form of heat to produce the crystals and it relies on raw materials mining to source the ingredients in the first place.  And so the process of tracing needs to be in-place for working conditions of the raw materials.

Diamond simulants have not yet been evaluated in ways that would facilitate a comparison between simulant creation energy expenditure and related "costs" in the mining process. More jewelers are excited about this diamond option, because they appreciate that the resulting product hasn't been mined. 

Other companies include: 

6. Fair trade Diamonds: Currently there are no sources of "fair trade certified" diamonds available. There are initiatives in place that are exploring these options and a lable that consumers recognise. Fair trade could become an ethical model for sourcing diamonds from various diamond rich areas of the world. Fair trade as an economic and development concept, that aims to improve the lives of miners and their communities. The fair trade concept is typically reserved for miners working on the artisanal and small-scale. Fair trade products cost more because a percentage of the price goes directly back to the communities for development programs of their choice. Diamond miners who would meet fair trade standards would have to comply with and guarantee that certain social and environmental safeguards are in place.

Current Fair trade initiatives:
Rapaport Fair Trade: http://www.diamonds.net/fairtrade/About.aspx
Fairtrade International: http://www.fairtrade.net/

Ask your jeweller if buying a diamond, on what method of sourcing they use.  Or even revamp your vintage family treasures if it is not to your taste. This will hold a value other diamonds cannot compare to due to the sentimental value of its history personal to you.

Friday, 27 April 2012

MJN @ Handmade, Victoria Baths

When: Saturday 19 May  Where: Victoria Baths

"Connecting the culture of traditional skills and materials with modern-day digital production, distribution and interaction techniques. Handmade brings the dialogue to life around the intersection of craft and digital culture, in one of Manchester’s prime 
"heritage locations."

"Artists working in the areas of craft and digital technology display their work in an interactive craft fair designed to encourage visitors to create their own DIY artworks Manchester Jewellers Network and leading artists in the field of digital craft examine and discuss their practise. MJN will also be looking at the commissioning process within the jewellery area, how it has changed buying culture on line, yet keeping a personal 

Showing and selling at Handmade will be MJN member Kate Wimbush Jewellery. Kate states "I create figurative, colourful jewellery using silver and 9ct gold, highlighted with brightly coloured, translucent resin. I use traditional handcraft techniques combined with computer technology to construct my jewellery, which is inspired by my life and memories and a love for all things miniature." In discussion with regard to her process of making and commission of pieces Kate adds "My recent work incorporates a number of new techniques, exploring the use of computer technology. As my work develops I aim for ever greater precision in my designs which I have achieved through using laser etching and cutting. I begin by drawing all of my designs and piercing the initial models by hand so I can visualise the pieces and how they will work. I then transfer the drawings onto the computer and make the designs ready for laser etching. I then use the resin as a cold enamel to add the vibrant colours. Adding the resin can sometimes be a painstaking process as the pieces are so small but the sense of achievement when a piece is finished is fantastic!"

Charlotte Verity begins "At Future Everything’s ‘Handmade’ at Victoria Baths, I will be exhibiting a range of jewellery laser cut from fluorescent Perspex. This is available in six different colours, with each having an exciting ‘Live Edge’ effect, whereby the light which strikes the surface of the Perspex is absorbed and refracted to exit at the cut edge, producing a glowing ‘lit up’ effect. This effect is highly desirable, and for this reason, the jewellery items are designed with a large number of edges, both internal and external, in order for the ‘Live Edge’ effect to be exploited fully. This type of Perspex also fluoresces under an Ultra Violet light. Cutting these patterns and shapes by hand would be an incredibly time consuming process, however, using a laser to cut the items is much faster and the added bonus is that the laser leaves the edge of the Perspex appearing polished."

Charlotte then talks about her process on commissioning her pieces, which would become a piece of artwork in any Baroque boudoir as featured below.

Charlotte adds "Despite laser cutting being an easily repeatable process, there is only one of each of my designs in each colour, making each one unique, not repeats. Pendants are provided with matching ribbon necklaces, but these can be exchanged for a sterling silver chain. Some designs incorporate Swarovski faceted crystals or beads, crystals can be added to other designs upon request."

Simon Denver creates Tribal "computer generated patterns often mimicking those found in nature, coupled with modern materials such as acrylic, polypropylene and silicone" as big round neck pieces and bangles, ideal to wear with those animal print dresses.  The concept derived from looking at Turing and punch tape polypropylene bracelet with coded message on it, as used on colossus.  His work will be on showcased with the support network of MJN members and un-veiled at Handmade 2012. You will be able to commission Simon to create pieces by bringing along a drawing and talking over the cutting process.

I will be showing my Architectonics piece, which is based on a piece of Manchester's history. The Daily Express building inspired the restrictive cuff shown during Architecture-Week-2005. In 2005, this was a rare cutting edge piece made using the process of laser etching and cutting within jewellery, how times have changed! You can add your very own piece of artwork to the "Freedom of Expression" piece inspired by the architecture of Manchester, by commissioning Simon to laser etch on the individual plates, Therefore re-creating and building another part of Manchester and Manchester Jewellers Network history, in the inspiring and heritage building of Victoria Baths!

We support http://www.craftanddesignmonth.net/ during this event.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

British Bride.

With Vintage, and handmade culture of the creative industries, due to the diamond jubilee, and also looking back to the 1950s.   The ideal use is the tradition of the British Bride, and the wedding industry. To front these ideas and ideals, of something old, something new, something borrowed, something Red, White & Blue!
Thanks to Charlie our new bride, for posing in the Union Jack, wearing a silver and thread headpiece I created for wedding adornment, and also my pearl thread spool neckpiece of which is part of "Thread of Society" collection
If you would like to read why Charlie posed in the Union Jack for us, see Lisa's bottom Line!  http://photopamperparty.co.uk/2012/04/lisas-bottom-line-why-we-must-support-british-creatives/
Lipgloss & Lenses are supporting and promoting the British Bridal industry locally, amongst other Creative Industries in Saddleworth. Looking into Heritage and what the area has to offer the british wedding industry.  You will be able to commission at Saddleworth Vintage & Handmade Fair some unique pieces, ideal for weddings or special events.  The unique pieces can be handed down through generation's, keeping the tradition Something Old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something Red, White & Blue! So show your support and make your vow to buy British!

Vintage Jubilee Press Release

4th April 2012 For immediate release
Jubilee celebrations in Saddleworth are sure to go with a swing thanks to ambitious plans for a vintage festival.
Central to the bank holiday weekend celebrations in June will be a 1950s themed Vintage and Handmade Fair showcasing the best in local vintage influenced designers, makers and manufacturers.
The event has been put together by local jewellery designer Samantha Mills along with makeup artist Lisa Gee and photographer Jude Gidney, who together run a vintage pamper party business, Lipgloss and Lenses.
“The fair and the festival are about marking the Queen’s Diamond Jubliee, but more importantly they are about celebrating the wealth of creative talent we have in the region,” said Lisa. “In these times of economic hardship it is more important than ever that we support our local creative businesses.”
The fair, at Uppermill Civic Hall on June 3rd, is being promoted as an official event of Craft and Design Month and is backed by Oldham Council. Key exhibitors already confirmed include internationally renowned Manchester jeweller Caroline Royal, Saddleworth based vintage furniture and boutique stationery company, Made With Love Designs Ltd and vintage reproduction clothing company Limb, based in Mossley.
Several exhibitors, including Delph’s Hazelnut Bakery, will be producing specially designed collections for the fair, influenced by the Jubilee and the 1950s
Additional events and entertainment are planned throughout Saddleworth during the weekend and will be confirmed soon. These will include a prize for the best vintage shop window display and the best-dressed visitor to the vintage fair. A number of workshops will take place throughout the day, including vintage hair and makeup demonstrations by Lipgloss and Lenses. A website has been set up to promote the event, www.saddleworthvintage.co.uk.
Lisa added: “This is not just a one-off event. We hope to build up a network of local creative and vintage businesses so that we can all support each other. If the fair and the festival are a success we will look at making it an annual event.”
-       ends –
For further information or to arrange photographs or interviews please contact Lisa Gee, festival press officer, on 07771 553535
Notes to Editors:
The fair and festival website is www.saddleworthvintage.co.uk
Copies of the fair promotional photos are available by email from lisa@pamperandpose.com

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Vintage & Handmade Promo Shoot

Vintage & Handmade promo shoot  A sneaky peek into the branding of Saddleworth Vintage & Handmade Fair in June, as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebration's locally.  Shoot by Lipgloss & Lenses  rocking the Red, White and Blue theme. 
This image feature's work by myself from my spool and Ltd Edition collection, Dresses from Limb's 50's inspired collection and Made with love's British Throne.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Jubilee Concept

Due to the upcoming Queen's Diamond Jubilee I want to develop ideas and events based on this concept.

One of these ideas has led to the creation of Saddleworth Vintage & Handmade Fair, part of a vintage festival celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the 1950s era, and taking influence from street parties and Coronation memorabilia.
Developing the idea of the village fair, and as part of the concept, I have also devised a brief to set up a pop-up shop featuring jewellers. My idea is based around the client, being adorned with jewels whilst sat on a throne, and the jewellery is laid out before them.  

"A pop-up retail space is a venue that is temporary — the space could be a sample sale one day and host a private cocktail party the next evening. The trend involves “popping-up” one day, then disappearing anywhere from one day to several weeks later. These shops, while small and temporary, can build up interest by consumer exposure. Pop-up retail allows a company to create a unique environment that engages their customers, as well as generates a feeling of relevance and interactivity."  wikipedia definition

I have worked in merchandising and retail and feel that customer care, and the experience of buying that unique item, should be a special one, fit for a Queen!  The use of the creative industries to regenerate the high street is not a new concept. It has been proved in practice that it works! Why not use the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concept to create your own unique shopping experience!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Adornments tour's to Germany

www.adornmentsforjustice.org  tours to Germany! Please see website for further details on the exhibition and venue.  My piece entitled "Working Class Hero" is based on the Human Rights article 23. The article which relates to working conditions what is fair and just.  
My piece has various elements to the construction, on a personal angle, and what is going on in the world, with regard to working conditions. The process of the flocking gold onto a delicate construction, is regard to using an industrial process, and how Asbestos clings to the wall of the stomach and hardens, causing a form asbestosis that my father died from.   Feedback from the exhibition would be great, please see the link for further details.

Valentine Exhibition 2012

This year the Royal Exchange in Manchester will be exhibiting valentine inspired work from the Manchester Jewellers Network The Exhibition will be running until the 3rd March 2012.  My work is very charm based using my lace in print within silver hearts to create a memory, also the use of hallmarking tags, to pose the question "Is this just a hallmark event?" commission work is available with that special lace from birth, weddings, christening.