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Friday, 27 April 2012

MJN @ Handmade, Victoria Baths

When: Saturday 19 May  Where: Victoria Baths

"Connecting the culture of traditional skills and materials with modern-day digital production, distribution and interaction techniques. Handmade brings the dialogue to life around the intersection of craft and digital culture, in one of Manchester’s prime 
"heritage locations."

"Artists working in the areas of craft and digital technology display their work in an interactive craft fair designed to encourage visitors to create their own DIY artworks Manchester Jewellers Network and leading artists in the field of digital craft examine and discuss their practise. MJN will also be looking at the commissioning process within the jewellery area, how it has changed buying culture on line, yet keeping a personal 

Showing and selling at Handmade will be MJN member Kate Wimbush Jewellery. Kate states "I create figurative, colourful jewellery using silver and 9ct gold, highlighted with brightly coloured, translucent resin. I use traditional handcraft techniques combined with computer technology to construct my jewellery, which is inspired by my life and memories and a love for all things miniature." In discussion with regard to her process of making and commission of pieces Kate adds "My recent work incorporates a number of new techniques, exploring the use of computer technology. As my work develops I aim for ever greater precision in my designs which I have achieved through using laser etching and cutting. I begin by drawing all of my designs and piercing the initial models by hand so I can visualise the pieces and how they will work. I then transfer the drawings onto the computer and make the designs ready for laser etching. I then use the resin as a cold enamel to add the vibrant colours. Adding the resin can sometimes be a painstaking process as the pieces are so small but the sense of achievement when a piece is finished is fantastic!"

Charlotte Verity begins "At Future Everything’s ‘Handmade’ at Victoria Baths, I will be exhibiting a range of jewellery laser cut from fluorescent Perspex. This is available in six different colours, with each having an exciting ‘Live Edge’ effect, whereby the light which strikes the surface of the Perspex is absorbed and refracted to exit at the cut edge, producing a glowing ‘lit up’ effect. This effect is highly desirable, and for this reason, the jewellery items are designed with a large number of edges, both internal and external, in order for the ‘Live Edge’ effect to be exploited fully. This type of Perspex also fluoresces under an Ultra Violet light. Cutting these patterns and shapes by hand would be an incredibly time consuming process, however, using a laser to cut the items is much faster and the added bonus is that the laser leaves the edge of the Perspex appearing polished."

Charlotte then talks about her process on commissioning her pieces, which would become a piece of artwork in any Baroque boudoir as featured below.

Charlotte adds "Despite laser cutting being an easily repeatable process, there is only one of each of my designs in each colour, making each one unique, not repeats. Pendants are provided with matching ribbon necklaces, but these can be exchanged for a sterling silver chain. Some designs incorporate Swarovski faceted crystals or beads, crystals can be added to other designs upon request."

Simon Denver creates Tribal "computer generated patterns often mimicking those found in nature, coupled with modern materials such as acrylic, polypropylene and silicone" as big round neck pieces and bangles, ideal to wear with those animal print dresses.  The concept derived from looking at Turing and punch tape polypropylene bracelet with coded message on it, as used on colossus.  His work will be on showcased with the support network of MJN members and un-veiled at Handmade 2012. You will be able to commission Simon to create pieces by bringing along a drawing and talking over the cutting process.

I will be showing my Architectonics piece, which is based on a piece of Manchester's history. The Daily Express building inspired the restrictive cuff shown during Architecture-Week-2005. In 2005, this was a rare cutting edge piece made using the process of laser etching and cutting within jewellery, how times have changed! You can add your very own piece of artwork to the "Freedom of Expression" piece inspired by the architecture of Manchester, by commissioning Simon to laser etch on the individual plates, Therefore re-creating and building another part of Manchester and Manchester Jewellers Network history, in the inspiring and heritage building of Victoria Baths!

We support http://www.craftanddesignmonth.net/ during this event.

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