Spool Jewellery

Spool Jewellery
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Saturday, 14 April 2012

British Bride.

With Vintage, and handmade culture of the creative industries, due to the diamond jubilee, and also looking back to the 1950s.   The ideal use is the tradition of the British Bride, and the wedding industry. To front these ideas and ideals, of something old, something new, something borrowed, something Red, White & Blue!
Thanks to Charlie our new bride, for posing in the Union Jack, wearing a silver and thread headpiece I created for wedding adornment, and also my pearl thread spool neckpiece of which is part of "Thread of Society" collection
If you would like to read why Charlie posed in the Union Jack for us, see Lisa's bottom Line!  http://photopamperparty.co.uk/2012/04/lisas-bottom-line-why-we-must-support-british-creatives/
Lipgloss & Lenses are supporting and promoting the British Bridal industry locally, amongst other Creative Industries in Saddleworth. Looking into Heritage and what the area has to offer the british wedding industry.  You will be able to commission at Saddleworth Vintage & Handmade Fair some unique pieces, ideal for weddings or special events.  The unique pieces can be handed down through generation's, keeping the tradition Something Old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something Red, White & Blue! So show your support and make your vow to buy British!

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