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Spool Jewellery
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Monday, 30 July 2012

Mini Makers Faire MOSI

For the first time ever, Mini Maker Faire comes to Manchester at the Heritage venue at MOSI on the 28th & 29th July 2012.
Makers Faire is a celebration of the things people create themselves, from electronics gizmos to homemade clothes and inventions built in the garden shed. It is a place where technology meets art, science meets fashion.  Engineering meets crafting.  With activities for all ages and abilities, where people show what they are are learning and making.
Saddleworth Vintage will have a stand posing the question what is vintage?  looking at vintage gadgets and favourites within the make do and mend lifestyle. Women were the driving force of the consumer revolution in the 1930′s.  They at last had a vote, on equal terms with men and would even be the main earner in alot of house holds, this was a time of empowerment from domestic service into the office role!  The appetite to spend earnings was inhanced by a influx of new womens magazines and sections of newspapers which instilled that the decor was changeable and so was your fashion. The women wanted to be seen and heard.
Play time
Thread of Society
Thread of Society was created by my love for the readymade and the creative act, looking into mixing textile and metal techniques. Using spools and playing around with using them as a component within jewellery.
I use various old tools and gadgets within my metal work, and also references iconic objects and textile methods within my jewellery.  The recreation of these iconic pieces, pays homage to the inventor or the memory that the piece gives to the wearer, such as “Thread of Society” or spool jewellery. How this little part of a machine plays such an importantant part in textile history.  So many can relate to this object and recognise its place in history.  I still have a wealth of tradional tools, handed down from my Grandma & Grandad.  I use gadgets such as the spool to create jewellery fit for any maker who can relate to that object.  Within my game playing the Jack and ball create childhood memories for so many, and also creates a balanced decorative piece of jewellery.  I love to re-purpose things and gadgets, so that people can view them, as the iconic objects that they are.

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