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Spool Jewellery
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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Adornments tour's to Germany

www.adornmentsforjustice.org  tours to Germany! Please see website for further details on the exhibition and venue.  My piece entitled "Working Class Hero" is based on the Human Rights article 23. The article which relates to working conditions what is fair and just.  
My piece has various elements to the construction, on a personal angle, and what is going on in the world, with regard to working conditions. The process of the flocking gold onto a delicate construction, is regard to using an industrial process, and how Asbestos clings to the wall of the stomach and hardens, causing a form asbestosis that my father died from.   Feedback from the exhibition would be great, please see the link for further details.

Valentine Exhibition 2012

This year the Royal Exchange in Manchester will be exhibiting valentine inspired work from the Manchester Jewellers Network The Exhibition will be running until the 3rd March 2012.  My work is very charm based using my lace in print within silver hearts to create a memory, also the use of hallmarking tags, to pose the question "Is this just a hallmark event?" commission work is available with that special lace from birth, weddings, christening.