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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Alice Corbett's button tin

Via Flickr:
Going back to when it all started, was sorting out my Nan's button tin! Many makers are inspired by memories of sorting out their Grandma's button tin, with that generations attitude of make do and mend, rather than the throw away culture of our parents, inspiring the recycle, reuse, and revamp culture of our generation. With this in mind, I aim to launch an online project called "Thread of Society". I want to see your Gran's button tin/boxes/tubs and what you can create with the contents; this could be jewellery, sculpture, what ever the contents inspire you to do!

This is Alice Corbett's button tin, which I spent hours playing with the contents of. The contents are very precious to me, as they create a memory of great times with my beloved Grandparents, who were makers of the make do and mend generation. As they installed the making bug within me, I hope to pass it on to others. So, enjoy and remember, and see what inspires you to create your precious jewellery or sculpture from your Grandma's button tin! I want to see your tins and creations, so post the links through Flickr or Blogger! And I will create a Gallery of the button tins and creations!
Or Email me your statement and images of the button tin and its creations to button tin creations

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Manchester Art Gallery Christmas 2011

Manchester Jeweller’s Network Christmas Exhibition hosted by Manchester City Art Gallery

"This year Manchester Jeweller’s Network’s annual exhibition will be displayed from 20th October until 29th January at Manchester City Art Gallery.   Each jeweller is making a collection of jewellery around their chosen themes.  Some of the pieces will be one-off’s and limited editions but that in no way means these beautifully crafted pieces of jewellery are out of most peoples budgets.  All the jewellery for sale is in the perfect price bracket for presents or little treats to yourself if you just can’t resist the temptation, and you will find it difficult to resist these sparkling delights." Tara Kirkpatrick for MJN.
My Arsnic & Lace collection will be on sale through this exhibition, each piece is individually made and inspired by Man Ray's reflections of lace on the female form.  

Friday, 14 October 2011

Thanks to all that visited the MJN stand at Liverpool Design Show last weekend. Hopefully we provided a friendly service and a diverse range of jewellery. Gemma Scully's button earings always go down well and my spool collection also proved to be successful. Sarah Wilkie, who has some charming ideas and great priced work, was very popular along with Charlotte Verity's hand blown glass and silver jewellery. Charlotte also received some great comments about her rainbow range. Martin Rees' collectors paid a visit and bought his lovingly made and highly polished to perfection pieces. For further information on all the designers featured at the show visit the MJN website www.manchesterjewellersnetwork.com where you can also gain further information about the Manchester Jewellers Network.